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For every product you
purchase, we donate to help women thrive.

Buy One, Give Back

Thanks to you, we give beauty year-round! Your purchase directly impacts the lives of women around the world. Join our movement by purchasing today + share why you love giving back on social using #lustelle.


How We Give

We believe in responsive giving so we can support women in the most meaningful way possible. Whether it’s our high-performance products or much-needed funds, the donations that you make possible help women thrive.

Your Purchase

You buy your favorite high-performance Lustelle products.

Our Giving Partners

We donate that product, another Lustelle product they need more, or a monetary donation as needed.

Together, We Give!

We donate the same incredibly effective products you use and love.


Our Causes

We help women to thrive while they are...

Fighting Cancer

We support and empower women fighting cancer.

Surviving Domestic Abuse

We help survivors find strength, confidence and sisterhood.

Emerging from Homelessness

We lift up women seeking a path out of homelessness.

Become a Giving Partner

We work with nonprofits across the country that empower women in need to become their best selves. Our partner organizations help women fighting cancer, emerging from homelessness, and surviving domestic abuse.


Our Giving Structure

If we are unable to find a suitable receiver/giving partner for the product, we will then donate 1% of gross profit from that product to White Ribbon Australia, Mission Australia, and Breast Cancer Network Australia. These donations will be made once per month.